Streams - AI Square

Video streams from Swiss AI events:


  • SwissAI Machine Learning Meetup Group | Youtube Channel
    • 15-Oct-2018: How AI Revolutionizes Floor Surface? | Link
    • 15-Oct-2018: Lessons Learned Training Object Detection Models on Satellite Imagery | Link
    • 15-Oct-2018: Time-Series Forecast in the Energy Sector with Automated Machine Learning | Link
    • 15-Oct-2018: Cognitive Technologies in Switzerland | Link
    • 10-Nov-2018: Enterprise-Ready Machine Learning | Link
    • 22-Nov-2018: PackDrone-A Human-Friendly Drone Delivery System | Link
    • 24-Sep-2018: What is the impact of GDPR on AI and Machine Learning? | Link
    • 24-Sep-2018: How to securely use private data on machine learning under GDPR? | Link
    • 18-Apr-2018: Neural Networks For Image Classification in E-Commerce | Link
    • 1-Mar-2018:Building An Anomaly Detection Platform | Link
  • Zurich Data Scientists & Machine Learners Meetup Group | Youtube Channel
    • 23-Apr-2014: Randomized Linear Regression: A brief Overview and Recent Results | Link
    • 27-Mar-2014: Like or Fail-How Can Computers Tell the Difference? | Link
    • 27-Mar-2014: Webcamaze-Amazing Webcams | Link
    • 27-Mar-2014: Machine Learning and Data Exploration in Python with scikit-learn | Link
    • 25-Feb-2014: Deep Learning | Link
    • 25-Feb-2014: Analyzing the Web from Start to Finish-Knowledge Extraction with KNIME | Link
    • 25-Feb-2014: Exploiting Similarity to Adaptively Optimize Recommendations from User Feedback | Link