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Sophia Genetics raises $77 million to expand its AI diagnostic platform

Feb 12, 2019 Healthcare & life sciences

Swiss health startup Sophia Genetics announced that it has raised $77 million in a funding round to expand development of its artificial intelligence platform that uses genomic data to improve diagnostics.

Swiss pharma giant Novartis puts AI on the job to help its reps

Feb 12, 2019 Business Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a big buzzword in R&D right now, but at Novartis, it's hard at work in the sales department, too.

Peerspoint signs pre-seed investment from Business Investigation

Feb 6, 2019 Machine Learning

The two companies are venturing to adapt and deploy machine learning and predictive analysis solution across the sport and leisure industries.

AI Project in EPFL to help saving bee colonies

Feb 6, 2019 Computer vision

Students at the EPFL have created an image recognition device named ApiZoom to help save bee colonies.

New research by Facebook, Google Brain, and ETH Zurich for pose prediction

Jan 24, 2019 Computer vision

New research by Facebook’s AI Research division, Google Brain, and ETH Zurich promises to advance on pose prediction with AI.

ETH spin-off machine running at full speed

Jan 17, 2019 Artificial Intelligence

In 2018, ETH Zurich achieved a new record high for the number of spin-offs founded: a total of 27 founding teams took the plunge into independence.

Artificial intelligence made this robot dog a very good boy

Jan 17, 2019 Computer vision

ANYmal, a four-legged 73-pound dog-like machine, can run faster, operate with more efficiency, and reset itself after a spill more successfully than it could before its AI training.

Zurich fund adviser prepares to launch AI-driven fund

Dec 20, 2018 Artificial Intelligence

Created by Zurich-based fund adviser Private Alpha, The Private Alpha AI Global Opportunity fund is a mixed fund that uses an artificial intelligence platform to manage risk in stock selection.

Swiss startup Scailyte raises €2.4 million for its AI-based single-cell data analysis

Dec 20, 2018 Artificial Intelligence

Luzern-based Scailyte develops AI-based software for the analysis of complex single-cell data to enhance biomedical research, pharmaceutical discovery, and precision diagnostics.

IBM Watson IoT’s chief data scientist advocates for ethical deep learning

Dec 7, 2018 Artificial Intelligence

IBM Watson IoT’s chief data scientist points out opportunities and dangers of AI within the scope of society.

Precision Surgery of the Future

Nov 29, 2018 Computer vision

At its annual event this week, the University Medicine Zurich initiative presented its new flagship project SURGENT, involving holographic navigation.

Microsoft continues to invest in research cooperation with ETH and EPFL

Nov 14, 2018 Artificial Intelligence

In addition to the previously announced Microsoft Cloud from datacenter locations in the Zurich and Geneva, Microsoft continues to invest in its long-standing collaboration with ETH and EPFL.