Intelligent Health AI Summit - AI Square

Sep 11-Sep 12
All Day


Get ready for two jam-packed days of health tech goodness, from applied AI case studies, to announcements from the tech giants, to nitty-gritty coding workshops, and of course, passionate debate on ethics and AI4good in health.

Key Themes of 2019

The Future of Healthcare: Where can AI take us with practical, real-world AI use cases

Deep Dive AI Tech Talks: Fundamental breakthroughs using AI which will change lives and reshape healthcare

Regulators Perspectives: The evolving narrative on how you regulate a device that uses a self-improving algorithm?

Ministers Perspective: Addressing social and behavioural determinants for health using AI

Clinicians and CMIOs Perspective: How can technologists convince clinicians and CMIOs that AI works and get them to use it?

Consumer Enpowerment: How to provide better insight into medical data to help healthcare consumers make more informed health decisions

China: How China’s tech giants are delivering smart health services, driven by the internet and AI

AI Health Transformers: Hear from the CEOs and Founders of the most disruptive health tech companies of tomorrow

AI in Global Health: The latest in population level application of AI in healthcare and tracking progress made towards the health-related Sustainable Development Goals



Congress Center – Basel


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